PFA Trustees

Chair- Dan Yeoman

Vice - Sonali Kotecha

Treasurer - Andrew Bass

Secretary - Angelina Draper

Trustee - Vicki Perry

Trustee - Michele Goy

Trustee - Manvi Gupta


PFA Class Rep

Nursery - Angelina Draper and Judith Goodall

Beech - Alexis Vagyoczky and Kate Wilkinson

Sycamore - Anna Dalton and Yan Guo

Lilac - Mandy Johnson and Melissa Tustain

Maple - Angie Woods and Joe Gooden

Magnolia - Deborah O'Donnell and Kate Taylor

Willow - Emily Darby and Lisa Wells


At St John's we consider ourselves very fortunate to have an active PFA. And, with support from parents, we aim to offer a selection of fun-filled social events for the children, parents and friends throughout the year.

The PFA raises significant amounts of money for the School; events in the past year have included a film night, the sponsored bounce (a great favourite with the children!), a fantastic disco, Christmas Fair and of course a spectacular Summer Fair.

Due to the PFA's great efforts over the years, everyone at St John's has benefitted from the purchase of books and ICT equipment for the children as well as the improvement and development of the adventure play area. At the end of the Year 2, the children are also given a small gift to remind them of their time at St John’s.

We are very pleased to welcome a number of new faces to the PFA this year (see below) and look forward to welcoming more new parents - it's not all about meetings and lists, although these do come in handy - there are many ways in which you can help, maybe as a helper at the film night, wrapping presents for the Christmas Fair or counting the number of children's bounces. They are all vital roles that help ensure the events run and everyone has fun!

If you'd like to get involved please have a chat with your Class Rep or email us on and please do also join our Facebook page: St John's PFA (Radlett)

Many thanks

St John's PFA

The PFA (Parents & Friends Association) is run by a board of Trustees who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. There are also committee members (there is no limit to the number of members) who attend each PFA meeting. Any parent with a child at St John's can become a Trustee, a committee member or a helper.

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